The Regulars by Georgia Clark

The Regulars: A Novel
By Georgia Clark
Georgia Clark’s witty and down right hilarious writing left me in stitches. She has definitely earned a place beside the best comedy goddesses. It’s as if Death Becomes Her (Meryl Streep, anyone) and Girls (HBO) had a hot, steamy night and 9 months later, The Regulars was born.
— The Crazy Bookworm
There is nothing regular about The Regulars! Popular culture at its best.

What could be mistaken as chick lit is so incredibly well written that you’re mesmerized by the words and taken on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. Part romance, part chick lit, part fantasy, part self-help! This book has it all for anyone after an engaging, fun, modern day, magical read.
— Nicole Sheffield, CEO NewsLifeMedia
Raunchy, very funny... distinctly hip and modern.
— Booklist, Top 10 Women's Fiction books of 2016
This witty, thought-provoking, and hopelessly sexy debut will leave readers with an unexpected new perspective on vanity.
— PopSugar

Best friends Evie, Krista, and Willow are just trying to make it through their mid-twenties in New York. They’re regular girls, with average looks and typical quarter-life crises: making it up the corporate ladder, making sense of online dating, and making rent.

Until they come across Pretty, a magic tincture that makes them, well . . . gorgeous. Like, supermodel gorgeous. And it’s certainly not their fault if the sudden gift of beauty causes unexpected doors to open for them.

But there’s a dark side to Pretty, too, and as the gloss fades for these modern-day Cinderellas, there’s just one question left: 

What would you sacrifice to be Pretty?

Wildly irreverent, blatantly sexy, and observed with pitch-perfect wit, The Regulars is a fresh and funny debut from a major new voice in fiction.

The Regulars is out now in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.. Forthcoming in Italy, Germany, Latin America, Portugal and Brazil. 

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 Thank you Bookstagram fam! Love you guys!!

Thank you Bookstagram fam! Love you guys!!

Huge thanks to everyone who gave a shout out to The Regulars!

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In her new novel, THE REGULARS, Georgia Clark asks: what would you sacrifice to be pretty?