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Unravelling the Beauty Myth

Georgia Clark delves into the good, the bad and the ugly of the beauty imperative.

The Anti-Photoshopping movement and the Truth in Advertising bill are making the question of beauty more important than ever. How do we challenge beauty standards while being subject to them? How much does our appearance create our identity (or is it the other way round)? What kinds of beauty standards do we embrace or reject, and why? Why is the allure of beauty so powerful, and how can we resist it and enjoy the aspects of it that make it empowering? 

This  contemporary feminist talk is aimed at women, but is still relevant to men. It is critical and empowering, and is relevant for students and critical thinkers alike. 



Making it as a Writer 

Georgia Clark moved to New York city without a visa, job, home, partner or community. Seven years later, she is a successful twice-published author making her living as a novelist. 

With a focus on the practical, this talk delves into the art and business of making it as a writer. As someone with a background in journalism, copy-writing, screenwriting and playwriting, Georgia's insights into what it takes to be a thriving, paid writer are utterly invaluable. Come prepared with questions and leave feeling inspired that you too can make a good living as a modern-day scribe!

This writer-centric talk can be tailored to all levels of experience, age group, nationality, and type of writers. 


Harnessing your Inner Strength 

Do you feel that you're not living up to your full potential? When you ask for what you want, do you feel pushy, entitled, annoying or just plain uncomfortable? Are you worried that your "real life" hasn't even started yet?

Speaking from hard-won experience, Georgia Clark opens up about how to truly live an unencumbered life—one in which asking is easy and creative fulfillment is present and accessible. As someone who had to overcome her own fear of "asking for too much", Georgia can help anyone of any age live up to their powerful and vibrant potential. 

This inspirational talk is for anyone feeling stuck or in need of a shot of old-fashioned positivity and optimism. It can be tailored for any age group and specific set of obstacles. 

Georgia Clark is a compelling speaker with a delightful sense of humor. The Australian Women of New York (AWNY) have been most impressed by her presentations.
— Belinda Jackson, President, AWNY

All talks can be tailored to your groups specific needs and level of interactivity. Talk length can run from 15 minutes to a full day. 

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Please note Georgia is based in Brooklyn, New York. She is happy to travel to your event as long as all travel costs are covered!