She's With The Band by Georgia Clark

Life never starts when you think it will. When I turned 15, I figured I’d be tossed the keys to the city, make out with a hottie, and have a modest parade thrown in my honour. But all that happened was that I got out of doing the washing up. The day we moved to Sydney was supposed to be the start of the new Mia Mannix – confident, charming, taller. But so far, it sucked.

Mia Mannix has made a deal: in return for moving from the social backwater of the Snowy Mountains to life in the fast lane in Sydney, she’s promised her dad she’d give up music and concentrate on “real” art. But that was before she discovered new friends, a cool record store and a ridiculously hot rockstar. She’s With the Band is for every girl who’s ever wanted to start a band, had a crush on the wrong boy, or made a promise she couldn’t keep.


Five star reviews on Goodreads 

“This book is a novel that any teenager could relate to; boyfriends, popularity, parties, the whole shabang. I recommend this to teenagers of any age.” —    Annemieke

“The best aspects of this book were the songs peppered throughout the story, each picked to match Mia’s mood at the time. Some of my favourite bands popped up (Faker, Cut Copy) and each time a song was mentioned that I didn’t know, I’d stop and look it up so I could understand how Mia was feeling.” — Mandee

“I found this a really cute romance and fell in love with Emil! — Jess

“From the first page, I instantly liked Mia. She carried a sarcastic yet sweet tone throughout. A funny and sweet book about growing up and learning how to be yourself!” — Laureen

“I don’t know why but Aussie fiction is so much better than other fiction. — Clodagh

“Such a great book, and the ending leaves you wishing there was a book #2!” — Jess


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