Book Marketing: A Course!

The Pro-Active Author is an 8-part self-study book marketing course that shows you step-by-step how to proactively and effectively launch your next book. 

Book marketing is essential. Up to 1 million books are published every year. On average, each will sell 250 copies (Forbes, 2013). Whether you're self-publishing or being published by the Big Five, you need to be pro-active to make an impact.  

Launching a book can be stressful and confusing. Writing is a solitary sport; connecting with readers, influencers, booksellers, press and publishing professionals is the exact opposite. 

The Pro-Active Author is here to help. Author Georgia Clark presents eight in-depth masterclasses that will simply and clearly walk you through book marketing and publishing’s best practices. Every masterclass features video content, multimedia webinars and downloadable resources drawn from real-life success and 13 years’ experience writing, pitching and publishing. The result? An empowered, clear-headed author ready to take on the world. 

Invest in your potential with The Pro-Active Author. 


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Georgia, both as a person and as a professional writer, has a generous spirit - she is willing to share everything she knows about the world of marketing in order to help other writers be successful. She has a real understanding of the world of promotion in the current publishing landscape. The result of Georgia’s advice to me? I am unafraid to believe in my own book, and I have the skills to speak up for it, loudly!
— Amy Poeppel, author Small Admissions

Sound familiar?

  • You want your book to “be everywhere” when it comes out but you have no idea how that happens
  • You’re overwhelmed by conflicting advice, endless options and insurmountable tasks
  • You don’t know hot to manage all of the tasks you know you should be doing
  • You want to be published in top media but have no connection to the editors 
  • You feel isolated from the writing community
  • You’re worried you’re being irritating and annoying and no one cares about your book 
  • You understand your brand is important, but it feels inauthentic and weird to brand yourself: you’re a person! 
  • You were unhappy with your last launch and wish you’d been more involved or informed
  • You’re realizing your publisher won’t be doing everything for you 

The Pro-Active Author will teach you: 

  • How to make a realistic, achievable and actionable plan for your launch
  • How to translate your unique personality into a relatable brand
  • How to get published in your favorite magazines and websites
  • How to create and nurture a writing community
  • How to have a great relationship with your social media (even if you’re not into social media)
  • How to plan an amazing book launch and supporting events
  • How to set up healthy, robust and sustainable systems that will grow your book business
  • How to get celeb endorsements and author blurbs
  • How to ask for what you want… and get it
  • How to be both an author and an entrepreneur: because you already are!
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Who is teaching this course?

Me, Georgia Clark! I’m an Australian-born, NY-based author of two YA novels, and my debut adult fiction, The Regulars. The Regulars was released in summer 2016 in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, Australia and New Zealand, by Simon & Schuster. The Regulars was reviewed in Cosmo, People, Us Weekly, and Marie Claire, and more. It was a Best Book pick for In-Style, PopSugar, Redbook, Refinery 29, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more. I was published widely around the launch, including articles in Cosmo, Medium (Editors’ Pick), Bust, In-Style UK, Daily Life, Huffington Post, Grazia, Writer’s Digest, Autostraddle and more. (See Press). The Regulars received A-list celebrity endorsements, went on a 20+ blog tour, was embraced by the bookstagram community and saw me invited on national television in Australia.

I had over 100 people come to my NYC launch, record-breaking attendees at the LA and Sydney launches, and hosted sold-out events that saw my book going #1 in local bookstores. I create and run this website and my social media channels, send a monthly newsletter to hundreds of engaged subscribers, and am the founder of the Brooklyn Writers' Salon, as featured in Brooklyn Magazine

The Regulars was an amazing launch but it also took a helluva lot of book marketing work, and personal financial investment.

In this course I’m going to take you through every single thing I did to make The Regulars a success, so that you too can launch a book in the smartest way possible.

Every book is different. Every author is different. But I guarantee you’ll be able to use the book marketing ideas in this course to create a strong foundation for your career as an author.

Georgia Clark truly has the gift for marketing her work while still being authentic. I’m in awe of her publicity game, and her ability to get the word out there in such an organic yet glamorous manner. The knowledge imparted in her course is a worthy investment in your book.
— Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, author of Face Value: The Hidden Ways Beauty Shapes Women's Live
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Masterclass 1: GETTING STARTED

How to understand the big picture: your role, potential and what success looks like 

  • Understanding your goals 
  • Creating a comprehensive timeline  
  • Feeling empowered and in control

Masterclass 2: THE AUTHOR ONLINE

How to be present online in a way that suits you and strengthens your career 

  • Demystifying “author platform
  • Creating a brand that feels fresh and authentic 
  • Conveying an author voice that matches your books
  • Creating an author website 
  • Making social media easy, effective and fun
  • Sticking to good guidelines for review sites

Masterclass 3: COMMUNITY

How to stop feeling isolated and start feeling supported by a thriving writing community 

  • Creating and nurturing a writing family 
  • Finding and utilizing community online
  • Turning friends into fans

Masterclass 4: PUBLICITY 101

How to plan and execute an effective PR campaign for your book

  • Creating clear goals and realistic expectations
  • Pitching your book 
  • Working with your in-house team
  • Working with freelance publicist
  • Creating a press release and media kit 
  • Creating a master publicity spreadsheet    
  • Implementing a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign
  • Organizing a blog tour
  • Getting fun and creative with DIY book marketing ideas
  • Doing author and book photos (cheaply!)
  • Nailing interviews: TV and radio


How to use the written word to get the responses, loyalty and excitement you need

  • Sending perfect email
  • Sending “the Big Ask” on pub day
  • Building a mailing list
  • Sending fabulous author newsletters 
  • Overcoming the fear of asking for too much


How to start early buzz 

  • Sending out advance copies
  • Getting A-list celebrity endorsement
  • Using Netgalley
  • Getting author blurbs


How to write and pitch compelling content that top editors will snap up 

  • Writing articles for media
  • Mastering different types of content
  • Pitching editors the way they want to be pitched
  • Avoiding common mistakes when pitching

Masterclass 8: EVENTS

How to plan a fantastic book launch and supporting events 

  • Pulling off the book launch of your dreams
  • Organizing a panel that’ll get press and attendees  
  • Being comfortable and confident in front of a crowd

  • The Pro-Active Author online course
  • 12 downloadable worksheets, on everything from the perfect pitch to a pre-launch timeline
  • 38 lessons clarifying every aspect of a successful book launch
  • The Pro-Active Author online course
  • 12 downloadable worksheets
  • 38 lessons 
  • One 30-minute Skype call with Georgia to power plan your book launch
  • The Pro-Active Author online course
  • 12 downloadable worksheets
  • 38 lessons 
  • Two 1-hour Skype calls with Georgia for an intensive deep dive into your launch and career

Is this course for me?

This course IS for you if:

  • You are a fiction or non-fiction author with a book that you are readying to launch 
  • You are at least three months out from launch
  • You’re willing to put in hours of work 
  • You are open to making a financial investment in the launch process (everything from wine at the launch to hiring a freelance publicist)
  • You like online courses and enjoy self-study 
  • You want all the classes delivered at once so you can learn at your own pace 
  • You truly believe in yourself and your book 
  • You understand you’re driving the train of the launch, not your publicist, agent or manager
  • You understand not every strategy will work and can be resilient in the face of rejection
  • You accept that many mainstream publications and websites only feature traditionally published books 
  • You’re dedicated, hard-working, and optimistic about your potential

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for someone else to handle all aspects of your launch 
  • You want overnight success
  • You’re not willing to be online or send many emails
  • You don’t have spare time to work on your launch 
  • You have no budget and want the same kind of launch the teacher had 
  • You expect your book to get press entirely unprecedented for its genre and type 
  • You have limited access to a computer and the internet 
  • Your readers are clients in a niche industry, as opposed to the GP (i.e. you publish textbooks for teachers)
  • You’re easily discouraged and would prefer not to experience any form of rejection
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I’m a novelist with two books out, and a third on the way — watching Georgia Clark launch her debut adult novel was awe-inspiring. She did all the things I *WISH* I’d done for my own books! She’s really done her homework on the market; something few writers ever master. And she makes it all look natural, to boot. I can’t imagine a greater teacher on this subject!
— Suzanne Rindell, Three-Martini Lunch, The Other Typist

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