The Power Hour: get your dreams on track, fast.

Do you have creative aspirations that aren’t being realized?

Maybe you can’t get started, or you have so many ideas you’re not sure which one to pick. Maybe you feel clueless about the publishing industry, or need insight into how to structure, edit, or polish a novel. Maybe you just need a kick up the bum to get excited about your idea and commit to starting NOW.

Whether you’re a new, emerging or established writer or creative, I can help you realize your dreams with the Power Hour. 


The Power Hour is designed to get to the heart of what you need, and offer tangible and practical steps forward into making your dreams achievable. As a four-times published novelist, storytelling host/founder, and successful creative professional, I can offer expert help on both creative and business side of writing. 

One hour with Georgia was more constructive and beneficial to my new project than all the work I had done previously up until that point. I left our session with clarity, new ideas and genuine excitement to dive back into a project that had otherwise left me feeling uninspired and lacking motivation. Georgia helped break down the structure of my story and got my characters back on track with differing techniques and suggestions I could use to get to the heart of the theme and narrative. She was genuinely interested in helping me work through the problems I was having with the story and offered a tremendous amount of considered advice. I left our discussion feeling as if for one perfect hour, I had an amazing writing partner up my sleeve – someone who I trusted to take my ideas and elevate them into something truly exciting.
— Alana Wulff, author 

The Power Hour is offered via video or audio chat. $150 per hour. Email now to book your session!

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