Pickles & Hargraves, and the Curse of the Tanzanian Glimmerfish by Georgia Clark

Pickles & Hargraves is a comic murder-mystery that played the 2014 New York Fringe Festival

Master Thomas Hargraves, the internationally famous mouse detective, visits Hotel-By-The-Sea for their annual Fish Fanciers Convention when a murderer strikes – or is it the work of an ancient pescetarian curse? Can our hero solve the mystery before the killer, or the curse, strikes again? 

Pickles & Hargraves is ideal for ensemble casts of strong comic actors and was written to be easily to staged. If you'd like to be sent a copy of the play for potential performance, please send an expression of interest directly to Georgia.  

Written as a collaboration by Georgia Clark and UCB vet Ryan Williams, Pickles & Hargraves, and the Curse of the Tanzanian Glimmerfish is filled to the brim with fantastic comedic actors. This is one that won’t disappoint, but be warned: the humour is not for the faint-hearted, and will be best appreciated by those unafraid to jump into a shitbowl and eat a wolf penis. Melodrama all the way, this very original show will leave you in stitches.
— Trish Parry, Fringe Review

Photos by Lindsay Ratowsky from the New York International Fringe Festival, 2014. Georgia starred as Clara Owens (black dress and pearls).