Dear Squad,

It takes a village to raise a book. If you’re here, you’re part of my village. Thank you: I am so damn grateful.

The Regulars is the most personally meaningful work of art I’ve ever created. I truly believe this book can be a best-seller—we’ve already had so much amazing praise from smart, cool people, plus we’ve had foreign publishers jump on it: The Regulars is being published in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Italy, Brazil, Germany and more. But I need your hearts and minds to get this book to as many readers as possible.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours, there are a few highly effective ways you can became a part of what is sure to be a crazy wild success—and I so appreciate anything you can do to help. Bonus: Everyone who joins the squad gets a free, customized kiss from me.


1.    Share a pic on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: whatever your jam, get that Regulars cover on ‘em all! How about a snap next to a national monument? They say it takes readers three times seeing a book for it to register as something they should pick up. So saturation is what we’re aiming for. Tag me (@georgialouclark), use the hashtag #TheRegulars, and/or link to your favorite bookseller. 


2.    Write a review on Amazon, Goodreads or booksellers’ websites.

Reviews aren’t just a way for readers to decide whether a book is for them or not. On sites like Goodreads and the all-important Amazon, the number of good reviews bubbles books to the top of readers’ searches. You don’t need to write an essay: just a ‘Loved it, so good’ will work. If you’re stuck, just pick one or two things/characters/moments/ideas that you enjoyed. It only takes a minute and it really does help. Plus I really want to hear what you think about the book (Even though everyone says ‘Don’t read your reviews!’, everyone does). 


3.    Buy a copy... or 100 copies!

Obviously, buying a copy is the most fun and easiest way to help. There's a full list of retailers on my site. Buy a couple for friends or family member and squirrel it away for Xmas. Also consider buying copies for

·      Holiday gifts for employees

·      Gift bags for events

·      Your book club

·      Your five favorite ladies

·      Your class


4.         Tell your mates

Word of mouth sells books. It’s why independent bookstores and booksellers are so important and it’s why authors with big fan bases create best-sellers. If you love being ahead of the curve and sharing recommendations, then loosen those lips and spread the love. I really can’t do it with you, my street team, my angels, my boos.


5.         Interview me

For those in the media (or with friends in the media!), the answer is yes: my book and I would love to be featured on your online portal /your paper media/channel/podcast/radio show etc. You can contact me directly at