What I loved/ate/saw in April!

It’s your favorite neighborhood author, shucking off my cocoon and flittering my wings to bring you a springy update of what’s tickling my fancy. Let's do this!

When I was a bachelorette, I lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint. Enids was my local hang: my Cheers, my Peach Pit, my Central Perk, my Giles’ house. Every Saturday morning I’d roll out of bed, find some clothes on my floor-drobe, and stumble down in search of their generous Southern-style fare: Huevos Rancheros, Drunken Pinto Beans, Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benny. Last weekend, the gf and I revisited the old stomping ground for a dose of comfort food and spring sunshine. Because while I enjoy breaking bread in a new ‘hood, Enids will always have a delicious place in my brunch heart. 

This month I attended my first Passover Seder at my friend Esther Perel’s house. Growing up secular in Australia, my greatest exposure to Judaism came from Woody Allen movies and when Charlotte converted for Harry in SATC. Now I live in diverse New York, and have attended Shabbats, Hannukah, and the annual Jews vs Christians improv match at UCB. What I loved most about the Seder was learning about the importance of storytelling, music and ritual to keeping the Jewish traditions alive. And the food was amazing. L'chaim! 


Are you fascinated by Old Hollywood? The Charles Manson murders or the Blacklist? Meet one of my all-time fave podcasts, You Must Remember This. I was introduced to this podcast by a friend who knew I was researching the 1920s for my new novel, which is set in Hollywood in the silent film era. YMRT explores the secret or forgotten stories of Hollywood’s first century. It’s well-researched, really accessible and utterly fascinating. I love the MGM series, especially the episodes about William Haines, Lana Turner and Greta Garbo (pictured), who makes a sexy, if emotionally stunted, cameo in my new story.